Monday, June 7, 2010

New England and the Place Grams Grew Up

Today we drove up to North Stonington and Norwich to see the places where Grandma grew up. She moved around a few times. She was originally living with her Aunt (her mother's sister) and her uncle in Norwich. We couldn't find the exact house but we found the road and it turns out that the Burgs (technically our family) still live there. Next time we are here we are going to find it and knock on their door!
Well, we also passed by the house she lived in that was across the street from Roberta. It was the home of her cousin, Porky. In-between living at her Aunt's and Porky's she probably lived with her grandmother and grandfather. We think they had borders living with them and one in particular had only one leg. There were some stories Grams had about this man that were very unpleasant but we are unsure of the circumstances or the truth of the stories (you're gonna have to wait for the book on this one). Either way, it was really neat to drive through the back roads of grams' home town and see the place she went to school and frequented as a young girl. I can imagine the trouble she must have gotten into as a teen. I miss her.

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