Friday, June 4, 2010

Dinner with Wrestlers and Ironic arrangements

My mother and I came to Amsterdam, NY today to pay tribute to my grandmother and attend the festivities for the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies. We had to fly to Hartford, CT first and got a rental car to drive to Albany where our hotel was. When we finally arrived at the hotel that the convention was being held at (to await directions to the restaurant) it was a bit awkward. we stood outside waiting for Tony (our host) to arrive. There were a bunch of people waiting in the front (some fans, some wrestlers) but many of them were much older than myself. I saw one other younger gentleman, but we never interacted. Anyway, Mike (the second in command to Tony and a very nice man) greeted us and gave us directions to the restaurant. We (my mother and I) followed them to a restaurant (with a man in a strange mask) and upn arriving, many were already seated. There weren't a whole lot of seats, so we ended up sitting at a table with a few ladies at it...
Turns out I was sitting next to May Young!....May Young and my grandmother were not friends... In fact I am pretty sure they hated each other. Turns out, the other women sitting at the table, along with May Young, Mocked my grandmother at previous events and in fact got told off by my mother when she was able to witness it. In all honesty, I'm surprised grams allowed them to mock her... I think maybe she didn't notice.
Either way, It was an awkward night. As soon as we introduced ourselves, one of the ladies pretty much ignored us the entire night (which was really awkward because her niece, who accompanied her, was very friendly and spoke to us most of the night). The same women obviously hated my grams. I think it was because grams was beautiful and strong willed. I know she got along with men mostly and some of the people at the convention even admitted that grams brought class to the place!! That made me really happy to hear. Besides, my mother and I stood out like two sore
Anyway, May Young was nice enough. She couldn't see well and seemed to not be doing so well, but she definitely was still quick and was pretty playful with some of the guys there.
I wish Grams could have come with us... as her lucid self. I would have liked to see her steal the show!
I did get to speak to a couple of guys briefly. I have some interviews for tomorrow! Exciting!!

Anyway, That's all I got so far. Crazy night next to May Young and the only people at the place to hate my grams.... Fate? Maybe.

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