Monday, May 3, 2010

I almost forgot to include. Today my dad helped me a lot in doing family tree research (just for fun) and found a lineage on my Grandmother's mother's side (last name Guile) all the way back to the revolutionary war. I had no idea there was family here that far back!
We are all warriors, afterall. Ha!
It's a shame that we will probably never know who my grandmother's father was. We think he was filipino? That's just a guess. As you can see she is dark. Inez, her mother, was not. Grams was an exotic lady! It's been suggested that her father was a sailor in san fran that Inez 'bumped' into while she was visiting with a friend. There are a bunch of stories pertaining to this particular situation but who knows which is correct. As far as I can tell, grams always looked native American or Latino or maybe even Asian. It's sad that some things you can never know the truth about.

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